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Power bank how much capacity is appropriate?
Publish:Horizontal Tech Group Limited .  Time:2016-10-26
   Power bank how much capacity is appropriate? Life in the modern, no cell phone, people will lose their sense of security. No mobile power, the phone will lose a sense of security. So power bank is essential! So, how much power bank capacity is appropriate?
  Mobile power is not the capacity the bigger the better? Of course not, if the capacity is too large, then the power bank will be much like a brick, and mobile power charging time will be greatly extended. In the purchase of mobile power, it is often more inclined to consider the full power of power bank can provide much power, but less consider how much time it can be fully charged. A 20000mAh mobile power supply charging time will generally have a dozen hours or longer. In this way, the actual use of the time, often this situation: every day with a dissatisfied with the power of the tile run everywhere.
OEM power bank
  Here, we according to different needs, the power bank factory to produce power bank is divided into four stalls to see which one you are?
  A file, the workplace / campus fresh, suitable for 3000 - 5500mAh
  Every day with a cell phone, worried about the power is not enough, to the phone can be filled once; at night to go back to the mobile power to fully charged. This power is the most appropriate.
  Second gear, net worm / see film who, for 5500--9000mAh
  Brush cell phone every day, the phone itself is not enough electricity, charging time may not be enough; night to go back to the power bank charging in the morning with. This power is more suitable.
  Third gear, electronic up to people, for 9000--15000mAh
  Electronic devices are more mobile phone flat what needs electricity. Remember to charge before going to bed.
  Fourth gear, travel madman, for 15000--30000mAh
  Always on the road. No explanation.
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