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Power Bank, charging equipment on how you choose?
Publish:Horizontal Tech Group Limited .  Time:2016-10-14
  Power Bank Charging this matter may seem insignificant, but our daily work and life are dealing with it, and there are many stress areas. As long as a small investment in the charging device, you can get a very significant gains.
  Power Bank: QQPOW Ultrathin Power Bank 8000mAh
power bank factory
  My small partner and I bought a variety of mobile power, and finally reached the same conclusion: Do not blindly pursue large-capacity power bank, in most cases you just need to look at the emergency.
  We recommend QQPOW Ultrathin Power Bank 8000mAh capacity to the iPhone charge twice without any problems. More importantly, 230g weight and credit card size of the volume on the bag will not be any burden.
  The power bank supply is not only beautiful and a variety of options, but also universal power bnak, to support a variety of smart phones. It can well balance the relationship between capacity and volume.
  Ultrathin Power Bank Output 5V / 1A / 2.1A, it is still equipped with PowerIQ technology, can automatically match the best output scheme. Measured with the QQPOW iPhone 7 charge current to 1.7A or so, faster than the original charger.
  If you have no special requirements for power bank, this Ultrathin Power Bank "portable small steel gun" is absolutely sufficient. It is currently very affordable price, like a friend welcome to inquiry.
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