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Travel Essentials Multifunctional power bank
Publish:Horizontal Tech Group Limited .  Time:2016-09-04
   Put on a smart coat, power bank is no longer a simple can be used for charging, and now many power bank built solar panels, ADSL WiFi transfer functions, play in the wild do not have to worry about cell phones, cameras and other devices without electricity.

  The market have included QQPOW, Kingston and many other brands launched a solar power bank, and some include a card reader, ADSL WiFi transfer other functions, including mobile power. Not so much that it is a power bank supply, as it can be used to generate electricity which is a power bank and charging multifunction wireless devices.

  QQPOW brand solar power bank
power bank

  QQPOW solar power bank 10000 mAh, solar power bank material is ABS $ metal $ Solar plant components. This mobile power can be converted to the use of solar power, you can not give mobile power, placed directly in the sun can be charged. This will not only convenient but also saves energy.

  This product has two capacity 6000mAh / 10000mAh, there are six colors Black, Silver, Blue, Gold, Purple, Red. Quality is also very light 228g. For travel camping friends, this product is very suitable, is a good choice.
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