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Power bank that thing
Publish:Horizontal Tech Group Limited .  Time:2016-09-25

  Popularity of smart phones, the relative stagnation of the popular one-piece design and battery technology, allowing power bank to become the junior partner essential travel home accessories. How different from the color of the shape, battery capacity power bank, choose the most suitable for their own money?

  1. Large size power bank or mini power bank

  Power bank inseparable from the "mobile" word, portability is the primary consideration, before buying you need to weigh its volume. Some hundreds of million mAh mobile power volume is often too large, although able to charge the tablet and other devices, but they are not suitable for everyday carry. In general, the phone is fully charged to meet once (probably around 5000mAh), compact style would be a good choice for everyday commuting.

OEM power bank



  2. The capacity is the key

  Power bank battery capacity is usually expressed in numbers is naturally bigger and more attractive with the "mAh" (mAh). Before OEM power bank, small partners need to know about their own use of the device battery capacity, which is advantageous in terms of the performance of mobile power. Such as mobile phone battery capacity of 1500mAh, a capacity of 5000mAh mobile power charge can be achieved in theory, about 3.3 times.

  But in fact, the use of power bank lithium battery material itself is self-discharge characteristics, coupled with the loss of discharge, can not achieve the basic theory of charge cycles. For example, the above example mobile power that can charge the phone 2.5 times the performance can be justified.

power bank factory

  3. The safety-related control chip

  Since the power bank is actually used to control the discharge of an integrated circuit, the control chip is equally important, be able to identify the charging status of the device, and a corresponding change in the behavior of the charger. Generally speaking, with fast charging, mobile power outstanding safety rating, and other advanced features are used to better control chip, relatively speaking, more secure, the purchase may be appropriate attention.

  4.battery quality can not be ignored

  Although power bank  look the same, but the inner clearly different. In addition to the cost of part of the decision mentioned above, the control chip, and the lithium battery itself. In general, well-known international manufacturers of battery performance and have a good reputation.

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