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Power bank factory tell you they will benefit for life!
Publish:Horizontal Tech Group Limited .  Time:2016-07-07
      "Buy a new power bank must be filled with more than 8 hours to fully charge and discharge was repeated several times, so that the power bank can reach maximum capacity," "must immediately unplug the power is fully charged after charging treasure, since overcharging may cause the battery to explode." ...... Is it like this? Many, many users have been such a problem plagued. That is kind of how it really want to? Now put this issue to the power bank factory is Horizontal!
        1, the new power bank is fully charged and discharged to repeat to activate?
        There are indeed some rechargeable power bank require similar "active" work. This is the older nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries and nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries because these power bank will produce a phenomenon called "memory effect". Now, however, we are mobile phones and laptop computers, rechargeable power bank used in most of the treasure, etc., are the lithium-ion battery (Li-ion Battery) power bank. Lithium-ion batteries do not need to use at the start by the depth of charge and discharge to be activated because the initialization and testing process in the manufacture of the power bank when the battery has been completed.
        2, overcharging may cause the power bank to explode?
        Lithium-ion battery power bank energy density, high voltage (separate voltage lithium ion battery cells generated up to 4.2V, while the ordinary nickel-based rechargeable battery 1.2V), low-voltage and type of batteries compared to lithium-ion battery power bank charging oxidizing electrode reduction reaction is very intense, so the lithium-ion batteries must be strictly limited conditions, overcharge, over discharge, short circuit, high temperature can cause cell damage and even fire and explosion.
OEM power bank
        However, the actual use of lithium-ion batteries power bank are the batteries along with a number of safety protection circuit and a variety of safety devices packaged together into a battery plate. These security design ensures overcharge, automatically cut off the battery circuit when excessive discharge and short circuit; the battery internal pressure is too high will trigger exhaust pressure. Therefore, as long as the quality is not out of touch with cottage battery, charging treasure full power did not unplug the power does not cause the battery to explode.
       3, to reduce the number of charge cycles, you can extend the power bank battery life?
General lithium-ion  battery  life can reach hundreds of charge-discharge cycles, power bank factory the battery and the equipment specification also often see such a statement. Here‘s a charge and discharge cycle means that the battery will run out and then filled with the process, rather than plug in the charger and then pulled out even once.
      So what is the right thing to do? First, frequent shallow than the depth of charge and discharge will charge and discharge helps to extend power bank battery life, do not think charging will damage the battery more often, good habits are the opportunity to plug in the charging, charge it to almost pulled - smaller meals, but do not eat too full. Secondly, we should minimize the battery fully charged state. Failure to remove the power supply is fully charged, the battery will remain fully charged, though not explode, but will speed up the rate of loss of battery capacity.
      Battery cool prevent "explosion"
      Now the smart phone configuration is relatively high, playing games or watching movies, surfing the phone will produce some heat, feel more heat when using the board, it is best not to side to charge the phone while playing the game, do not be watching mobile TV while charging .
     To "fever" phones cooling approach is very simple, that is, when the phone heat, turn off all programs, side to cool. 
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