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Power Bank: 5 details of the decision in the life of power bank
Publish:Horizontal Tech Group Limited .  Time:2016-08-28
  Power bank is one of the current manpower necessary digital accessories, daily shopping, travel, etc. Most people have the habit of carrying a power bnak supply, but you know what? Some bad habits using power bank easily shorten the life, and even cause an explosion, and dangerous. In this small series will teach you the proper use of mobile power of knowledge to master these details can not only extend the life of mobile power, you can also reduce the number of unnecessary risk.

  1, properly placed power bank

  Many times, when we travel or travel power bank and other items along with confusion inside the bag. Although there is a hard shell to protect the surface of the moving power, but that does not mean that resistance to carry the performance, when the intensity of power bank is squeezed to a certain extent, the internal structure of lithium batteries can easily lead to the dislocation caused by short circuit, if you are unfortunate enough buying a poor quality mobile power, it will likely explosion and other accidents. Thus, mobile power display is very demanding, it is recommended to leave some space to move into the power pack.
power bank factory

  2, the use of ambient temperature

  As summer temperatures rise year by year, when we go out, not long will power bank exposed to sunlight, in addition, for car owners, it does not want to move the power supply on the car, otherwise the event of spontaneous combustion, the consequences would be disastrous .

  3. Do not overcharge

  Most users have this habit, power bank charging while sleeping at night, the next morning and then pulled out. Some do not charge the power bank protection in case of full power continues to charge, electrolyte decomposition and other materials will produce gas, so that the housing rupture, oxygen enters the reaction with lithium atom, causing an explosion. In this regard, users should try to avoid at night to avoid or mobile power charging the phone at the same time, try to buy a good brand power bank factory of mobile power, relatively speaking, quality more secure.

  4, long-term mobile power when not charging should be periodically

  When we move a long time without power for extended life, it should be retained at least 50% of electricity, while a regular monthly charge 1-2 times the electrical power and discharge 1-2.

  5, using the output matching charger

  Do not think just find the interface may correspond to the mobile power charging, nowadays most of the specifications of the charger is greater than 5V / 1A, to know the mobile power is the largest size is only 5V / 1A, so if long-term use of other specification does not match the charger, it may cause excessive load charge is not into power, or even fire and so on.
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