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Mobile Phones usb date cable do not mix
Publish:Horizontal Tech Group Limited .  Time:2016-07-01
Market different specifications, different models, different sizes of usb cable are hundreds of species, under normal circumstances different brands, different products between the sender and the receiver are different, so the usb date cable is not directly mix, even if sometimes different electronic products, without supporting data line, although it can be used, but it is easy to go wrong.

Data cable are sub-models, different mobile phones, cameras have different usb cable, of course, have the same. This requires specific to your phone, camera model, in addition to mobile phones, there are many cameras with a standard USB cable can be used with MP3 generic.
MFI lightning 
For example, when transferring files prone to the phenomenon of interrupted halfway, but if it is a long-term low-voltage power bank supply, it is also likely to cause damage to some of the equipment in the hard disk. Therefore, the use of electronic product data lines when the specific operation is not recommended to mix.

Compared in terms of mobile hard disk, mobile phone data cable will be more "delicate" Some, even the same brand of electronic products, the connection port of the same caliber, generally can not be mixed. Some mobile phone usb cable interface consistent, but the operation is not available. Under such circumstances, since the power supply problem, cause instability motherboard, you need to pay attention to the specifications of the usb cable problem. Different types of phone usb date cable not to mix. Because the phone and computer connections, computer usb cable interface is a current, if the current relatively inconsistent, there will be danger of burning mobile phone motherboard, battery.
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