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iPhone7 Reviews: power bank fo iphone 7 would emerge? iPhone7 worth buying?
Publish:Horizontal Tech Group Limited .  Time:2016-09-13

  iPhone7 Reviews: Apple 7 Configure Performance how kind? iPhone7 worth buying? Apple updated the iPhone and Apple Watch series. After the conference part of the experience, we started to play with the depth of this product, peer assessment is more than expected, and I give the evaluation is watching you know.

  Apple iPhone 7 bright black version. Bright black, although beautiful, but do not scratch. The biggest change is the appearance of black return. Starting iPhone 3G version of the Apple iPhone has been the use of black and white color, black and white is also known as apple classic color, but black on the iPhone 5 has suffered widespread complaints. Because at that time the technology was not anodized, the deeper the color, the color is not fixed more firmly, resulting in a black iPhone 5 was a "Diaoqi door", and even friends altogether black iPhone 5 with a knife to scrape a little bit.

power bank for iphone 7

  Since then, Apple will be changed to a deep-space black gray, the color from the iPhone 5s lasted until the iPhone 6s. The Apple introduced two black official website called black and glossy black, the most eye-catching is glossy black. Same with other colors, shiny black 7000 series uses the same aluminum metal, so the hardness can be guaranteed, but the treatment process than the other color complex, using nine anodizing process and polishing process to complete.

  iPhone 7 waterproof points praise, but do not always try. In order to achieve waterproof, Apple iPhone 7 conducted in-depth transformation. The first button from the main screen instead of physical keys touch, and supports 3D Touch function. In order to make the old users can still find the original feel, Home key can also call the new Taptic Engine vibration module, short powerful vibration feedback.

  Apple is different, this iPhone update 7 does not join the wireless charging function, so the Lightning is a high frequency use interfaces, plus headphone jack, waterproof failure that might increase exponentially, so a reduction headphone port It allows water to reduce the possibility of failure.

  In addition to these water needs and the optimization of internal space for two reasons, to give up the benefits of Apple 3.5mm headphone jack, there are many, the most important one is that you can reduce the conversion loss of the digital signal and analog signal.

  power bank for iphone 7. There are rumors that Apple will launch a new iPhone charger, the USB section will no longer distinguish anyway, like lightning Interface (Lightning connector) that.

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