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IPhone 7 rumors of a big wave to come true
Publish:Horizontal Tech Group Limited .  Time:2016-08-21

  It is a new week on iPhone 7 also has a new message. Just today, PhoneArena get exclusive broke the news, a big wave power bank for iphone 7 and usb cable coming out, a lot of rumors that Apple 7 again with evidence. So, this year‘s iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus design can be said to be pretty close.
power bank for iphone7

  We see, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus rear lens becomes large, particularly Plus version equipped with dual cameras. More importantly, power bank for iphone 7 inventory, this year‘s iPhone only iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus two versions before it with "Cancel iPhone 7 Pro" consistent rumors.

  In fact, since entering the second half, the rumors about the iPhone 7 series are numerous, but the basic are the days of the lines, cameras exposure has been repeatedly verified information points. Now in August, referring to previous years experience, if it is still not iPhone 7 other significant features exposure, it should be the no.
usb cable

  iPhone swept the world for many years, but bad-mouthing Apple‘s voice was also heard in recent years, mainly because of Apple‘s iPhone has been a long time without any major innovation, not the year of amazing, appear more and more mediocre. Although the initial iPhone 7 people have not a small hope, but all the indications are that, iPhone 7 is just a small change in the appearance of the product transition. To continue the faith, then it is recommended, and so the rumors of iPhone tenth anniversary of the birth of the big move iPhone 7s / 8!

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