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How long life of usb stick?
Publish:Horizontal Tech Group Limited .  Time:2016-06-24
     USB Stick erasable number usb stick normal life generally U-erasable over 1 million times.

    USB Stick factory remind:
    Correct plug usb stick: Never pull out the flash too fast when the lights flash in a flash, because then usb stick is reading or writing data, pull out midway may cause damage to hardware, data.
    Do not close the program related to the document immediately after the backup is completed, because that time usb stick indicator is still flashing, indicating that the program is not completely over, then pull out the USB Stick, easily affect backup. So back up files to flash drive, it should be time to shut down some related procedures to prevent accidents; the same token, the system prompts "can not stop" Do not pull out easily U disk, it will also cause data loss.
USB Stick factory
    Note the USB Stick placed in a dry environment, do not let U Handicap interface to prolonged exposure to the air, or likely to cause the surface of a metal oxide and reduce the sensitivity of the interface.
    Do not long USB Stick has been inserted in the USB port, otherwise the one hand easily lead to the interface of aging, on the other hand is also a loss of USB Stick.
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